Choosing your occasional tables

Occasional tables are a perfect way of adding storage, taking up a bit of empty space that feels lacking, or adds that final touch to the rest of your room. Before you decide on which to buy, first ask the question of what it is that you need, and then look for what fits your style and size guides. Please…

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Le havre

From Tree to Plank – Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is a staple in many homes. Often affordable and stylish to boot, there are copious amounts of varying wooden furniture that is suitable for everyone. From the veneered to the solid wood, from cabinetry to decor, wood can be visible or just beneath the surface as a building block, but an ever-present presence in the home. But surprisingly…

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Bespoke Seating – Personalised Comfort

What is Bespoke? Bespoke is a great way to make something your own. To have something bespoke is to make that item specific to your wants or needs. This can be anything from furniture to interiors or even clothing! Bespoke is another way of making something personal, by having a choice on various parts of the product you are wishing…

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Spring is the season of change

The daffodils are returning and the warm weather is beginning to finally make an appearance. These things are the heralds of Spring, a sign of change and new life, so why not breathe a breath of new life into your home? Spring is a great time to start afresh with a new interior design for the year ahead. For a…

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Lundy Ivory bed cameo L

The Room to Relax in

Keep calm and relax! Just like everyone else, Monday morning can be a rough start and make you feel in need of some serious TLC after a long day at work. Your home is a great place for you to relax but often it can be hard to detach yourself from the day’s worries or the world around. Especially when…

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Meltemi Hi

National Bed Month 2017

It’s that time of year again where everyone is reminded that no matter how much you enjoy your time awake, sleeping is also crucial! Sleeping is a vital part of the day that helps you rest and recharge, improving your health and general mood. Please follow and like us:Follow

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Cumbria Dining

St Patrick’s Day – Greenery

What is St Patrick’s Day? A cultural and religious celebration for the Irish, it’s no surprise that it’s been adopted by the rest of the UK and the US as a day of celebration. After all who doesn’t enjoy a good party? From formal gatherings to street parades, you can celebrate a little of the Irish spirit in your home…

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Belluga sofa

Infusion – Trends of 2017 – Spring Fair

The final trend of 2017 has to be one of the most intriguing in terms of visual purposes and possibilities. For those that love a bit of the past but don’t want to be lost to it, and for those who are excited about the virtual realm but want to keep it real, the Infusion trend is just the one…

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Nocturne – Trends of 2017 – Spring Fair

As Spring begins to near, saying goodbye to the foul winter we’ve had so far, you’d think we’d have had enough of dark nights. However it could be that we’ve gotten so used to this that one of the upcoming trends for this year is Nocturne, a trend focusing on darkness and mood setting. For the nocturnal among us this…

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Lisbon Roomset NEC 2015 Body in Trevi Silver

Safe Haven – Trends of 2017 – Spring Fair

What makes a house a home? And what makes a home a safe haven? Safe haven is another upcoming trend for 2017, focusing on downsizing and de-cluttering and making your home feel like your personal domain. Since they say your home is where your heart is, the safe haven trend is a great way to really personalise your home to…

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