Cheltenham Office

  • Attractive collection, certain to enhance the look of any home office
  • Made from reclaimed timber treated with a warm lacquer
  • 2 sizes of desk, both with real leather inlay and a wealth of storage space
  • Both desks are functional enough for even the busiest home office
  • 2 sizes of stylish filing cabinet
  • 3 bookcases to choose from, including one in a dinghy style
  • Rotating office chair is perfect for any home office

With everything from desks to filing cabinets, the Stylish Office collection offers everything you need to make even the busiest home office a functional, attractive space. The Stylish Office collection is made from reclaimed timbers and treated with a warm lacquer. The designs are fairly distinguished, and will bring a real warmth to your home office. The Stylish office collection has 2 sizes of desk to choose from. Both feature a real leather inlay on the desktop, and offer a wealth of storage space. With pullout keyboard trays, filing cabinet drawers and a remarkable amount of storage space, the desks are functional enough for any home office.

There are also 3 sizes of bookcase to choose from, including a remarkably attractive dinghy bookcase which also features large drawers for additional storage space. The Stylish Office collection features 2 filing cabinets; one with 2 drawers and one with 3. These filing cabinets offer all the functionality of regular filing cabinets, but have a much more attractive appeal. There is also a rotating office chair, which is attractive and comfortable, and will complete the look of your home office perfectly.

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