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The Lounge Company at Cousins
The Lounge Company at Cousins
We at The Lounge Co. know what makes a great sofa. We’ve got the best furniture makers in the country for starters, part of a group who have been making sofas and chairs for years - it’s safe to say they know their stuff. Our craftsmen have tested and tweaked every one of our twelve sofas and six chairs over and over again to get them just right. Our frames are thoroughly thought through, made in the UK and guaranteed for no less than 10 years.

We may be a new name, but we’ve got experienced hands behind the scenes. After reviewing the whole sofa-buying process from first swatches to settling in at home, we made a huge effort to make it all as easy and stress free as possible. The only challenge? Choosing from over 15,000 possible combinations of fabrics, leathers and styles. 

While our website is best-in-class, full of styling tips, videos and our clever configurator, you might just need to come along and sit on a sofa first. We’ve partnered with the best and most trusted retailers across the country so that you can do just that.

We are proud of our believable prices - which means we offer a quality at a consistently fair price. Our products are the same price wherever you look. With a 2 seater sofa from just £799 we’re sure you’ll find something to suit.

  Made a decision? We’ll deliver your new sofa, fresh from the workshop, to anywhere in the UK for free if your order is over £300. Selected models are available in just 4 weeks. 

These are sofas that are more than just part of the furniture. From time-honoured classics to the most modern styles, each has an expert touch and a real personality - so much so we’ve given each of them a name. 

The difference between a room and a lounge, a house and a home – welcome to the Lounge Co.
The Lounge Company at Cousins The Lounge Company at Cousins
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