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Mammoth has a very clear vision: to provide relaxation, serenity and better living through the science of comfort and style. At Mammoth, they bring to the market cutting edge health products, using proven materials and advanced technologies derived from British healthcare, never before used in domestic beds or upholstery. Mammoth's Medical Grade Foam™ is scientifically tested under laboratory conditions, informed by industry experts and endorsed by world leading associations and organisations. They know that comfort has a profound effect on the body and mind – whether it’s athletes looking to make the most of down time, a busy mum wanting to take advantage of five spare minutes to relax, or an elderly individual in desperate need of rest without pain. Quite simply, Mammoths wants to improve the quality of life of all customers; and their Medical Grade Foam™ technology is the key to achieving that, whilst looking beautiful and complimenting your living space.

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