• Pouffes offers practicality in all homes as it is a versatile product
  • These are hand made in India
  • Using 100% cotton knit
  • Meets the UK Fire Retardency testing standard
  • Interiors of the Pouffes are filled with EPS beads/block

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These pouffes are designed to offer your home a relaxed seating. With different shapes and sizes, you can pick whichever one you would prefer to have in your home, including a choice of colours. Hand made in India, using 100% cotton - these pouffes has been given time and attention to produce high quality knits and the texture will feel fantastic. They are filled with EPS bead/block and have met the UK Fire retardant testing standard.

These are a versatile product to have in all types of homes as it can provide as extra seating space, footstool and coffee table – it will not disappoint.

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