Storage Bedsteads

Storage bedsteads at Cousins Furniture

When space is at a premium we understand that you want to get the most out of your home's furniture. That's why we stock a variety of storage bedsteads that provide the perfect hidden storage solution for your bedroom; decluttering your space and helping to create a haven for rest and relaxation. Perfect for storing bed linens, spare pillows and other bedroom accessories our storage bedsteads and ottomans offer seclusive internal storage options that will transform the way you use your bedroom space.

  • Silentnight Anniversary Miracoil Ottoman

    Silentnight Anniversary Miracoil Ottoman

    from  £1,349.95 Save £480.00

  • Slumberland Copper Seal Ottoman

    Slumberland Copper Seal Ottoman

    from  £849.95 Save £300.00

  • Cousins Bespoke Cotswold Ottoman

    Cousins Bespoke Cotswold Ottoman

    from  £849.95 Save £230.00

  • Slumberland Gold Seal Ottoman

    Slumberland Gold Seal Ottoman

    from  £1,129.95 Save £420.00

  • Slumberland Silver Seal Ottoman

    Slumberland Silver Seal Ottoman

    from  £1,029.95 Save £50.00

  • Ainslie


    from  £549.00 Save £230.95

  • Cousins Bespoke Blenheim ottoman

    Cousins Bespoke Blenheim ottoman

    from  £729.95 Save £200.00

  • Diablo


  • Slumberland Bronze Seal ottoman

    Slumberland Bronze Seal ottoman

    from  £929.95 Save £320.00

  • Bradley


    from  £599.95 Save £230.00

  • Myers Broadway Natural 1600 ottoman

    Myers Broadway Natural 1600 ottoman

    from  £849.95 Save £330.00

  • Cousins Bespoke Cascade Ottoman

    Cousins Bespoke Cascade Ottoman

    from  £1,049.95 Save £330.00

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