Heligan 11200 Mattresses

Heligan 11200 Mattresses
Heligan 11200 Mattress Ranges

High quality divan set manufactured by Harrison

Mattress spring count 5200

Wool, cotton and mohair blend

Double-sided stitching


Acti Pro - Allergy Free

Inside the Heligan mattress over 5ooo Revolution and HD Springs work side by side to provide greater support. The double side stitching ensure you are supported right up to the edge of the sleeping surface, offering great stability over the lifetime of a mattress.

The Heligan’s careful blend of wool, cotton and mohair creates a soft yet comfortingly stable filling. Additionally, it is quipped with Warmside / Coolside technology to regulate your body temperature all year round. The Heligan mattresses offer a natural viscose mattress cover featuring acti-pro, allergy-free material for your health and well being.

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