Kew 13200 Mattresses

Kew 13200 Mattresses
Kew 13200 Mattress Ranges

Mattress spring count 6200

HD airflow titanium alloy springs

Wool, cotton and mohair blend

Double-sided stitching

Flax blend

Revolution spring system

The Kew bed features a layered HD airflow pocket spring system which uses the springs natural pump action inside perforated pockets to drive air through the mattress. By keeping it well ventilated, the fibres that are both naturally mildew resistant and damp resistant stay fresh and dry through a lifetime. Working in harmony with the springs are layers of natural flax and a blend of the finest cotton wool, cotton and mohair.

All secured by woolen tufts to create a luxuriously comfortable sleeping experience. Finally, for your health and well being, the mattress is equipped with an option of warmside or coolside, enanced with acti pro - allergy free feature and covered with natural viscose. With HD airflow gives the mattress breathable springs.

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