British Wool Collection Mattresses

British Wool Collection Mattresses
British-Wool Mattress Ranges

Made by Rest Assured - a company with over 115 years of experience

Three layers of luxurious wool hand layered on top of the pocket spring support unit

British Cheviot wool, carefully selected for its springiness and durability

The zoned pocket spring unit contours to your individual body shape for superior spinal support

Double-sided and hand-tufted for long lasting comfort

Air vents allow air to circulate freely

Inside and out, British Wool Collection divan sets are lovingly handcrafted for luxurious comfort and support. Our British Wool quality pocket spring mattresses offer the perfect blend of traditional bed making expertise and materials with the latest in modern technology and testing methods.

This creates a truly luxurious and affordable mattress. Zoned pocket spring unit is engineered to deliver your preferred comfort level:Softer, Medium and Firmer. British Wool divan sets are available with platform top and sprung edge divan bases with or without storage options.

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