Messina Pocket 1400 Mattresses

Messina Pocket 1400 Mattresses
Messina-Pocket-1400 Mattress Ranges

Great quality product by Sealy

1400 Pocketed Springs

Pillow top for extra comfort

Natural latex fillings


Easy care, non-turn mattress

With the use of the 1400 pocket spring system, the Messina mattresses offer the best individual support for the sleeper during the night. The Pillow top provides exceptional softness and comfort, whilst the lower layer acclimatizes to weight distribution, shifting with the body for greater support and comfort.

Within the Messina Pocket 1400 range the separate mattresses are suitable for bedsteads of choice, which are easy care meaning there is no need to turn the mattress. Regular rotation from head to toe will extend the life span of the mattress. These are available in sizes from single to super king size.

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