Harrison is a heritage British brand that have been making luxurious, bespoke pocket-sprung beds since 1889. Each bed is expertly handcrafted in Yorkshire using traditional time-honoured techniques and the finest natural fillings, alongside innovative spring technology.

Many of the materials - wool, flax and hemp - are actually grown and nurtured on Harrison’s very own farm less than 20 miles away. Their aim is to create a tailored sleeping experience that is second to none.

Good posture is essential to a good night’s sleep. No two spines are the same, so all Harrison beds are available in different levels of support - gentle, medium and firm.

A Harrison bed will adjust to your body’s unique shape regardless of your sleeping position. Their Millennium award-winning Revolution spring-within-spring system, combines with HD high density pocket springs to provide unrivalled levels of comfort and support

Engineered from titanium, the springs are stronger and 40% lighter than before, making the mattress easier to turn. A unique Airflow system encourages air circulation allowing the mattress to breathe.

Experience this extensive selection of luxurious beds in store and be advised by one of our bedding experts on the one most suitable to you, unlocking the secret to a perfect night’s sleep.