Lisio Leather Sofa Ranges

A simple contemporary Italian design offering the latest in functional comfort

Available as static, manual or power reclining

Adjustable headrests for additional comfort

Quality foam seats and back cushions for integral lumbar support

Fine attention to detail - attractive decorative stitching available in contrast or self-coloured

Fully sprung seat platform and detachable wooden feet for ease of access

Simple, stylish and comfortable, Lisio is the latest in Italian design. Each item in the range is available as a static item, or with manual or power recliners. Whichever option you choose, Lisio is every bit as comfortable as it is stylish, and will work well alongside any similar contemporary designs. Both reclining options have a very smooth mechanism, and the power recliners have a very discreet switch concealed between the seat cushion and the arm. The Lisio range includes a 3 seater sofa, a 2 seater sofa, a chair and a footstool. As well as being available with different reclining options, Lisio is also available in a wide variety of leathers and fabrics, from the most opulent to the most durable, with a type to suit every lifestyle. Similarly, each item is available in a wide range of colours. So, whether you want to lend your living room a splash of colour, or whether you’d prefer a more neutral shade that will work well in your colour scheme, Lisio gives you the chance to create the perfect addition to your home.Lisio’s immense comfort comes from the high quality foam inside the seat cushions and back cushions.

This foam is also inside the arms of the items, which are remarkably comfortable, making every seating position comfortable. The headrests, meanwhile, are adjustable to a number of different heights, adding greatly to the comfort Lisio provides. On the reclining models, the headrest will adjust automatically, allowing you ti relax in comfort. A great deal of attention to detail has gone into making Lisio. The stitching, for example is available in either a contrast colour or in the same colour as the leather. Also, the lined pattern of the back cushions helps break up the angular look of the design, and gives the sofas a softer, more versatile appeal. Beneath the lined pattern, meanwhile, is an integral lumbar support. The seat platform of the items is fully sprung for added comfort and support, and the feet are detachable for ease of access to your home. With so many options to choose from, and a stunning Italian design that will look good for years to come, Lisio is the ideal addition to any modern home.

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