Duvet All Fabric Sofa Ranges

Highly versatile drop-down sofa bed

Contemporary style offering great modern look and value

Upholstered in practical, easy care two tone black and grey faux leather

Modern, quilted finish detailing

Closed Sitting Position - 193cm X 95cm X 87cm

Open Sleeping Position - 193cm X 115cm X 38.5cm

The Duvet sofa bed is upholstered in black and grey two tone soft touch faux leather with a pinch pleated top pad that offers great comfort in the closed sitting position and a full length sleeping space when opened up. The back can be adjusted to two positions for sitting according to your preference and this, when combined with the brushed metal legs, make this a great style statement and practical design.

Whether you're furnishing an urban apartment or a family living room, Duvet is a great choice for style, value and practicality. The added option of a highly durable, drop-down sofabed means that you are even prepared for a surprise guest. Care and maintenance is nothing to worry about either. The hard-wearing faux leather makes it easy to wipe up any accidental spillages with just a damp, white cloth.

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