Snuggler Sofas

The cuddler, the loveseat, the snuggler, it’s the perfect chair for curling up alone on or to cuddle with a loved one. It’s bigger than an armchair but we like to think of it as the little cousin of the sofa. The snuggler sofa is also the perfect fit for those with limited space who still want the benefits of their generous proportions. Ideal for two, great for one, whether you choose to share or not, it’ll be your own cosy corner.

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  1. Catarina Snuggler sofa - type A
    £699.95 Was £849.95
  2. Crescendo Snuggler sofa - type A
    £749.95 Was £879.95
  3. Meribel Snuggler sofa - type A
    £699.95 Was £849.95
  4. Melody Snuggler sofa - type A
    £649.95 Was £749.95
  5. Spinningfields Snuggler sofa - type V
    £599.95 Was £729.95
  6. Joseph Snuggler accent sofa - type C
    £799.95 Was £979.95